Software Development

Best-in-class Custom Software Development Solutions

We build bespoke, intelligent, and cost-effective software for enterprises

We design, build and integrate high-performance custom websites to engage users, increase conversion rates and drive sales

01. Bespoke Software Development

We are committed to ensuring that all our clients receive a professional, reliable, and transparent service throughout the whole process.
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Our strategic and technical approach enables us to build cutting-edge solutions for the most complex challenges. Collaboration, analysis, and innovation are the hallmarks of all our solutions.

At Design Direct we develop solutions for existing business processes that are cost-effective and user-intuitive. With domain experience as our core competence, we are committed to creating solutions that help clients reach their goals in the most effective way.

Powerful Features to Replace the Outdated and Rewrite the Existing Software

02. Make Data Exchange Easy and Direct with Blockchain

Design Direct helps you to easily digitise your transaction workflows securely and efficiently without the involvement of any intermediaries.

Bring the future to your doorstep by reinventing your key business processes.

We help improve your business’s operational efficiency by developing Blockchain solutions.

Through automation and exponentiation of trust, Design Direct helps you to build decentralised systems that store unalterable data in a safe and secure way.


Our Blockchain Services

03. Quality Driving Independent Software Testing

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Share your start-up ideas, put your trust in us, we’ll take care of the rest
Let us make your software development easier with our independent software testing service

Our well-managed testing facilities are capable of executing complete end-to-end testing to ensure the highest possible standard of quality. Our QA team can ensure the highest possible standard of quality testing and give you peace of mind that results are accurate and thoroughly verified.

Your Professional, Reliable and Independent Software Testing Partner

With our dedicated testing experts you can be sure that your software is ready for prime time. Our team of software engineers, testers, and quality assurance professionals are drawn from the best talent in the industry. Our dedication to implementing cutting-edge practices in our software testing services helps us deliver the finest solutions for our customers.

Our awesome software testing features guarantee your business a smooth transition.

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Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

I thought designing a website was meant to be hard and stressful? It appears not... FlossyNet have amazing staff who walk you through everything they are doing to make you feel more at ease. The prices are amazing compared to other companies. The website took a couple of months to complete and since then we have had a much better conversion rate- something they promised. Thank you so much!

Alina Kantvile Founder, CEO, Bibionz

I worked with FlossyNet very closely in developing the website for my two businesses. This is business indeed a credible one and their customer care is also very good. Therefore, I can highly recommend FlossyNet business to anyone who is searching for developing a website

Dr.Tissa Ravinda Perera Senior Consultant GETA & GCRS.
Head , Department of Management and Organization Studies, Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Colombo,

FlossyNet supported us in web design, development and digital marketing. Thanks to their knowledge and determination our website looks great, it functions really well and includes a high level of interactivity. We now have an ongoing relationship with FlossyNet and look forward to working with them more in the future and on our marketing campaigns.Thank you for working over time to complete on such a tight deadline! We would highly recommend to anyone!

Billy James Senior Consultant , Onara Solutions

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